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Known initially as Grierson Estate (later renamed around 1945), Elmwood Park was named after Edward Delgare "Del" Grierson. The homes were designed to accommodate veterans returning from the war, and the veterans planted elm trees along the streets to beautify the neighbourhood (City of Edmonton, 2004, p. 92). 

The community sits between the Yellowhead (north), 82nd Street (west), Fort Road (east), and 122nd Avenue (south) and is close to all amenities. Residents in the area enjoy the quiet, park-like environment within 48 hectares of land area and spanning 0.48km ² (0.19 sq. mi).


Recent redevelopments by the City of Edmonton to the sidewalks, streetlights, and greenspace improvement are also underway to ensure that Elmwood Park is modern, safe, and a pleasant neighbourhood for all community members, young and old. (City of Edmonton, 2019, pp. 1-27).

Comprised of single detached homes, duplexes, and apartment buildings (The City of Edmonton, 2005), construction began between 1946 and 1970 and has continued to grow since with 140 new builds from 1970 to 2001 (The City of Edmonton, 2005).


According to the 2019 City of Edmonton Municipal census, the Elmwood Park community has grown from 1,093 residents to 1,161 since the 2016 Edmonton census report.

Elmwood Park Boundaries Map

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