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100 Snowy Years Ago

100 Snowy Years Ago

by Garth Paul Ukrainetz

Poet Laureate of the Blackmud Creek


100 snowy years ago

The Federation started

Communities of Edmonton

Their noble goals imparted

To foster healthy neighborhoods

More vibrant and more giving

Where people get together

That’s the place of better living

Helpful and supportive

Planning healthy recreation

Advocating and engaging

Better city, better nation

For no matter where your castle

There’s a league for everyone

Great communities are warmer

Here in snowy Edmonton


C2021 Garth Paul Ukrainetz

In tribute to the 100th Anniversary

of the creation of the

Edmonton Federation of Community Leagues

January 1921 - January 2021

EFCL 100th Anniversary Poem
Download PDF • 54KB

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