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Community Development & Indigenous Relations

Please see the email below for more information on COVID-19 supports!


Good Day, My name is Katie Suvanto and I am the Community Development and Indigenous Relations Manager at Gateway Association, I am also a mother to a 6 year old child with a disability . Who is Gateway? In 1975, a group of passionate parents fought to open doors for their children. Gateway Association emerged as the “Gateway to a better life” that they envisioned for people with disabilities and their families. Gateway is a family and employment resource centre that provides education, family support, mentorship and inclusive employment. It is our mission to assist the community to understand disabilities. COVID has left uncertainties for our entire province but its affect on our vulnerable population has escalated therefore creating feeling of uncertainty. I wanted to ask if you can share this information with your community members on your Facebook page or in emails that go out to your members to help them support their loved ones. I have included the following free resources that is accessible to ALL families who are caring for a loved one with a disability: Families Forward Workshops: These are family managed workshops that discuss various topics that address Housing, Under 18, Not Eligible for PDD, and Over 18. Parents are welcome to listen or share their experiences in a safe environment. These workshops happen once a month and address different area’s of support or knowledge sharing.

Register for free workshops:

Family Support: Gateway provides a number of free supports and services to people who live with a disability and their families, the professionals who support them, and community organizations and schools. We meet them where they are at and help develop a plan that works for everyone.

Contact a Family Support team member today: Gateway helped me with my son ( like so many others) and I hope with your support, we can share this knowledge so families do not feel alone. Again these are free resources that will empower families in navigating the system, walk with their child into adulthood and provide a vision for the future. We know when home has support, it reflects on everything outside of the home including community and learning. Warm Regards, Katie Suvanto Community Development & Indigenous Relations Manager Gateway Association 780.454.0701 Ext. 101

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